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Yemen Haraaz Red

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Sana'a Mill, Mahal Aqueequl, Yemen

Yemen has a long and important history with coffee. In the 17th century, the coffee plant was brought over from Ethiopia to Yemen, making it an international crop, as well as a highly sought after item on the trade routes into Europe. Now, coffee from Yemen has become highly prized, but also difficult to find due to water-poverty and regional turmoil. One of the importers we purchase through, Cafe Imports, has been working closely with one export partner, Al-Ezzi Industries. They purchase coffee from farmers based on a tier system of quality and traceability. The coffee we are offering is their Haraaz Red tier; this coffee is purchased as fresh coffee cherries that are picked at peak ripeness and delivered immediately after harvest. It is then dried on raised beds and milled in Sana'a. The coffee is fully traceable through the use of ID cards. 

Natural process, dried on raised beds. 

Altitude: 1900-2400 masl

Tasting Notes: sweet, tart acidity, mild apple cider, cranberry, and lemon